Exclusive Content for Facebook | Go See Campus


Go See Campus is the website that helps high school students and parents plan campus visits and make the most of the college search. The website aimed to increase awareness among its target audience. It also wanted increased referrals by current website members. Augmental identified social media as an important avenue for achieving Go See Campus’ objectives. It set one of the goals as an increase in “Likes” for Go See Campus’ Facebook Page. When a user “Likes” an official Facebook Page, that user opts in to receive updates from the Facebook Page owner. More importantly, these updates can be seen by that user’s network of friends.


The Go See Campus Facebook Page had been receiving steady traffic from its target audience. However, there was a disparity between the number of visits to the page and the number of “Likes” the page had received.


  1. Augmental created a new content tab for Go See Campus’ Facebook Page, “FB Resources”. It coded this tab so that when a visitor clicks “FB Resources”, Facebook recognizes whether the user “Likes” Go See Campus or not. Screenshot 1 below shows the view of someone who has not yet “Liked” the Go See Campus Facebook Page. He/She is invited to view exclusive articles and information, which are only accessible to those who “Like” the page.
  2. When a visitor “Likes” the Go See Campus’ Facebook Page, he/she can access these resources:
  3. Augmental promoted this exclusive content in e-newsletters to the Go See Campus community, on Facebook, and via Twitter.


“Likes” have increased 4% since the recent launch of this feature. Augmental will update the status of this tactic as information becomes available.