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McDermott Financial Solutions | Marketing Card

McDermott Financial Solutions provides relationship-based financial consulting services to help businesses achieve their goals for growth and profitability. The company wanted to use print marketing to reach its target audience and to promote its profitability coaching services.

Red Tusk Studios, a full-service graphic design studio, led the project and selected Augmental as its content partner. Red Tusk determined that a 5X7 marketing card would offer McDermott Financial Solutions the flexibility to reach potential clients in several ways, such as direct mail or as a leave-behind. The biggest challenges in creating the content were:

  • Effectively demonstrating the benefits of the services and engaging the casual reader.
  • Representing the services in a clear and succinct way given space limitations.

Augmental assisted in interviewing the client; created an outline for the structure of the content; and wrote the copy for the piece.

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