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Collector Revolution | Direct Mail – http://www.collectorrevolution.com

Collector Revolution, an online marketplace for sports cards and memorabilia, chose Augmental to plan and write content for its direct mail print campaign announcing the website’s launch. The printing and mailing process were handled by a third-party provider.

Because of the diverse needs of the Collector Revolution audience, Augmental recommended creating two direct mail messages: one campaign focused on individual collectors and another that targeted retailers. Additionally:

  • To keep down costs, Augmental kept each campaign to a single page letter.
  • The campaigns were designed to present the website’s benefits in a clear and engaging way.
  • Augmental worked with Collector Revolution to create a chart detailing the cost savings that the website offered to collectors.

The project was completed on time, on budget, and with great results for the client. Explore the campaigns here:

Direct Mail to Retailers

Direct Mail to Individual Collectors

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