Writer Fight! Ernest Cline vs. Daniel Suarez

Writer Fight is my playing field for pitting the writers, characters, and stories I enjoy against one another. Join in the fun, follow @kevinpreis or like Kevin Preis Writing to learn about my work, and leave your comments!

Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One gives us a glimpse into a grim future shaped by billionaire game designer James Halliday, his obsession with the 1980s, and the treasure hunt he left behind in the virtual world of the OASIS.

In Daemon, Daniel Suarez tells of a violent technology revolution initiated by legendary game designer Matthew Sobol and aided by the augmented reality of the Darknet.

Haven’t read the books? Oh, man, you are missing out!

Also available as an audio book with narration by Wil Wheaton: Ready Player One.

Also available as an audio book with narration by Jeff Gurner: Daemon.

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