Website Writing

web writing computer and quillWriting for the web is a delicate art, like trying to steal the covers back from a blanket hog.

See what happened there?

I wrote one sentence that tries to engage readers and encourage them to give me a chance on a second line. Maybe it will keep them around for a third or a fourth.

Most information on a company website is not meant to be read like a book. As internet content consumers, we scan the page looking for the information that we want. Then, we identify the path that will take us to what we want next. The goal of web writing is to engage the reader and then to drive him or her to your objective.

Effective web writing compels visitors to act on your site: to read your content, to post their own, to make purchases, and so on. It drives users through the site in a way that achieves your business goals.

Augmental and Web Writing

Augmental can help with:

  • New websites that need copy for their home pages and other important pages
  • Promotions such as callout boxes and calls-to-action.
  • Search engine optimization, including page titles, descriptions, and other meta-data (learn more about SEO.)
  • Updates to existing websites so that web writing is more scannable, more engaging, and more in line with your goals.
  • New site pages for when you want to notify visitors about additional products and services.
  • Articles that attract new site visitors and establish your company as an authority in the field.
  • Blog postings to draw new and returning visitors to the site.

The most successful websites owners know what web writing they have, where it exists, and when it became public (or when it will launch.) They coordinate their web writing with their social network posts and other promotions so that their messages are coordinated across media. Augmental can help with this sort of content plan.

Working with Augmental

Here’s how Augmental handles web writing:

  • Kevin Preis, owner, will help you determine the business objectives you want to achieve with your website.
  • Together, you will determine the “voice” of the site based on your brand positioning: first-person/third person, formal/casual, sales-oriented/research-oriented, and more.
  • Kevin will establish and write the copy you need. He will also determine what additional elements, such as videos and images, the content requires.
  • Kevin will work with your website team to implement the web writing into your site.

Whether you have a single page website or a massive online presence, contact Augmental to learn how its web writing services can support your needs.