Social Media Consultant Services

Social Media Consultant ImageTime and money matter. Before you choose a company to help expand your social media presence, you want to know what value it can offer you. So, without further adieu, here are five great reasons to hire a social media consultant (there are more, but doesn’t five seem like a nice, round number?)

Social Media Consultant Benefit 1#: Rank better in search engine results.

A factor that determines the position of your site in Google search results is how it is shared, linked to, and discussed in social media. These “social signals” are gaining in importance.

Why? Search engine companies like Google believe that the searcher will have more interest in products and services that are of interest to their network of friends, families, and other contacts. (pssst… want to learn about Augmental’s national and Atlanta SEO services?)

Social Media Consultant Benefit 2#: Have more contact with your target audience.

The audience of social media users is growing rapidly to include all demographics. The old excuse that “my audience doesn’t use social media” no longer applies. Plus, social networks are about reaching those who can influece your audience.

Take Facebook for example. When someone “likes” your company’s Facebook Page, the information, links, and events you share appear on that user’s personal profile, and friends of that user may see the information. To have the same consistent impact, the user would have to make the decision to visit your site, view your television ad, read your newspaper ad, or find you through other media.

Social Media Consultant Benefit 3#: Gain word-of-mouth influence.

Because your content is being shared socially, your audience is finding you through their friends, families, and business contacts whose opinions they rely on. They don’t have to take your word for it; now, they can get the inside story from those they trust. In turn, this increases the chance that you will be contacted about your products or services.

Social Media Consultant Benefit 4#: Make Passive Business-to-Business Connections

Being an active contributor in social media such as Twitter or LinkedIn is a great way for B2B companies to be discovered by potential customers. It works this way:

  • Your original content or shared links gain a following.
  • Your company becomes a thought leader: provocative, engaging, and recognizable.
  • As your audience increases, you receive requests or respond to opportunities introduced through your network.

Social Media Consultant Benefit 5#: Save money on public relations costs.

The viral nature of a successful social media campaign allows you to reach users without relying on traditional media to share your story.

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