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interactive game writing atari joystickAugmental offers interactive game writing services to computer, console, augmented reality, VR, and mobile publishers.

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Augmental’s Perspective on Game Writing

With the advance of game hardware, story and purpose are sometimes sacrificed for the sake of spectacle: flying debris, clever interactions with the game environment, and other effects that show off a system’s power. However, these types of games are becoming homogenized, and players are losing interest.

Great games go beyond the action on-screen and concern themselves with the player’s emotional investment. That’s why interactive game writing, like other content development, requires clear, imaginative writing, an understanding of character, and an ear for dialogue.

Writing for Great Games

Augmental’s Kevin Preis focuses on all of these elements in game writing. In addition, he has a technical understanding of the game development process and knowledge of gaming trends. He knows how a gaming experience on a PC will differ from that of a console or a mobile device, and he follows the impact of new technology, such as augmented reality, on the potential for new gaming experiences.

Kevin is an enthusiastic gamer with experience on platforms beginning with the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 and leading to next-generation computer, mobile, and platform systems. He also earned a Nintendo World Champion Semi-finalist back in 1992. On the PC, he prefers first-person shooters and real-time strategy games. On consoles, he likes platformers, hack-and-slash adventures, and most co-op games. He still digs point-and-click challenges like Maniac Mansion.

Kevin Preis’ game writing background comes from his work with fiction and screenplays. He understands the value of creating original characters, developing compelling story premises, and establishing a dramatic arc that matches the in-game experience.

To learn more about Augmental’s game writing services and Kevin’s gaming interests, contact us or explore the Augmental blog.