Augmental is Your Email Marketer

email marketer emailboxIf you have a customer list, a website, or people walking through your door, you have a great opportunity to connect with your audience and help spread the word about your products and services. How? Through opt-in email marketing.

Email Marketing Overview

As your email marketer, Augmental will work with you to:

  • Define your marketing goals with each campaign.
  • Advise you on ways to encourage email sign-ups and segment your audience.
  • Develop a schedule for creating and sending messages.
  • Design your campaign.
  • Write the content for each email.

Email marketing is part of Augmental’s content marketing services. Review some recent work.

Legal Communications Only

Augmental’s approach as an email marketer relies only on organically growing your list of recipients. It conducts legally-responsible campaigns according to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2008. This helps you build the right sort of relationship with your target audience, and it will help you sleep at night.

Supporting Campaigns with Social Media

Being an email marketer is not just about sending out messages. It’s also about promoting this content through your other media. For example, take Augmental’s management of Go See Campus, the college trip planning website. The company writes regular e-newsletters tailored to three targeted audiences. Before and after they are sent, Augmental teases this content through Go See Campus’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. The result? More people sign up to receive the campaign, and more people view it after it is sent.


Augmental uses analytical systems that allow it to gauge the messages that it sends as your email marketer. It can tell your company how many users receive the message, how many viewed it, which links drew the most interest, and other important information. Use analytics to find out the best time to send your campaigns for each of your audiences and who your most active users are.