Educational Products


Manufacturers, software developers, and publishers call on Augmental to help in the creation and improvement of their educational products.

Augmental’s Services for Educational Products

Idea development: Kevin can help companies brainstorm educational products to target a specific audience in print, online, or through other media.

Content: Augmental researches and writes the information for educational products. Kevin will work with your business to determine the subject matter, educational goals, style, and other elements to make the learning tool a success.

Social Media: Augmental can support existing educational products through viral marketing efforts on Facebook, via Twitter, and elsewhere.

Augmental’s Educational Products

Kevin Preis holds a Master of Education from Harvard University’s Technology, Innovation, and Education Program. He coupled this degree with an MBA from Tulane University and applied that background in the development of several educational products. They include:

  • Go See Campus: Plan campus visits online and make the most of the college search. The website’s College Trip Planner is a first-of-its-kind tool lets you search for colleges, create a schedule for your visits, and connect to school resources and activities, like campus tours, information sessions, school maps, and parking details. The result: a complete college trip plan you can take on the road.
  • A.P. United States History Flash Cards was the first flash card publication that high school students could use in preparing for Advanced Placement exams. The deck, available through Barron’s since 2005 and now in its second edition, has grossed revenues over $650,000. It has led to a new generation of educational products for Advanced Placement study. The produce is available through AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Barron’s Educational Series.

Augmental’s Approach to Educational Products

Kevin believes strongly that technology alone cannot improve learning. It’s been tried many times over, from the introduction of the slide projector to today’s smart boards in the classrooms. However, technology can lead to more engagement by learners, and coupled with great content and the right instructors, better education can occur.

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