Ned a Creative Writer? Fiction by Kevin Preis

creative writer fiction libraryKevin has written a variety of publications as himself and as part of his content development company, Augmental. His personal work as a creative writer ranges from short stories to top-selling educational products to academic articles on emerging technology.

Kevin is a native New Orleanian with degrees from Georgetown, Harvard, and Tulane University. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and their scruffy terrier, and he is at work on his debut novel.

What Interests Kevin as a Creative Writer?

Kevin’s work spans several genres, including literary fiction, crime thriller, horror, and sci-fi. Some of his reoccurring themes as a creative writer: political and business intrigue, the worlds of higher education and entertainment, the City of New Orleans, and geeky subcultures.

It’s a pretty concrete rule: good writers read a lot. Kevin’s non-fiction interests cover historical non-fiction, business magazines, and technology blogs. Also, he reads fiction in the genres above. As a creative writer, Kevin believes that story is king. He recognizes that a lot of flaws can hinder a good book: shallow characters, overly-descriptive passages, and sickly sentimentality, for example. He tries to avoid these issues in his own writing.

Why to Hire a Creative Writer

There are a lot of reasons to seek out a creative writer…

  • You want to inject your website, publication, or other media with lively copy that engages the reader.
  • Your company needs engaging scenarios of how a user might take advantage of your new product, service, or application.
  • You are a filmmaker, author, or speechwriter seeking a fresh perspective on your work.

Whatever your need, Kevin invites you to contact him to discuss. Below, you can read from among a selection of his work as a creative writer.

Short Stories

“Closed Doors” | Harvard University’s Dudley Review, 2008

A former congressman embroiled in a corruption scandal returns to academia to save himself and his relationship with his daughter. Read “Closed Doors.”

“Mandolin” | Smashwords, 2010

A police investigation into an exclusive magician’s club threatens to uncover a terrifying secret. Detectives want answers from Jerrold Scarlet, a veteran illusionist, about the club’s final night of performances. Time is running out for him and for his brilliant protege, Cyrus Randow, and while Scarlet knows a magician must not reveal his secrets, he has to decide: what if it costs him his soul? Read “Mandolin.”


HARP is a Department of Education-funded study exploring the effects of specialized mobile games on learning. Kevin produced storylines and screenplays that could be developed into new educational games for middle- and high-school students.

Rescue | Handheld Augmented Reality Project

The crew of the Screaming Lizard is lost at sea. Friends and families in the ocean town of Metry have turned to you, a group of experts, to help find the ship and to bring the crew back to safety.

The Teleporter | A thief has stolen the Space Ripper, a suit that allows a person to warp from place to place instantaneously. As specialists in different fields of science and law enforcement, it’s your job to stop the thief before he/she escapes.