Content Services and Management

Over time, your website can become staid and out-of-date. That’s where Augmental’s content services come in. The company can work with you to refresh your website with information that is more pertinent, more accessible to your site visitors, and more focused on your objectives.

Content Services for Companies Rebuilding Their Websites

Many times, companies require writing support when they undergo website rebuilding. They find that

  • Copy on certain web pages no longer fits within their new site.
  • Combining pages will make it easier for the user to navigate the site.
  • Splitting pages will allow the company to add depth, improve SEO, and keep users longer.

Augmental can work directly with your company or with your website designer to provide the content services you will need. Usually, clients involve Augmental in the early stages of design so that Kevin Preis, its owner, can make recommendations about how old content will fit within the new site. However, he also helps companies that hand him a list of pages that will need to be written.

Content Services for Companies Rewriting Their Current Websites

You need content services for your existing website if you want your pages to reflect new information or to engage visitors better. The typical process:

  • Augmental works with your company to determine which pages require content services.
  • It gathers information from you about what you want your content to achieve, offering recommendations on how to strategically guide visitors to that end.
  • Augmental writes the content and performs any other services that the company needs, including search engine optimization, creating content for social media, and helping print materials reflect the site updates.

Services for Companies that Need Content on a Continuing Basis

Writing original articles and blog posts is a great way of drawing new website visitors and to keep users returning to your website. Whether you want to inform, inspire, or amuse, Augmental’s content services can work with you to establish a plan for researching, writing, and launching these new pages.

Why You Need Augmental

By having Kevin handle the content services for your entire website, you can ensure that content on one page does not conflict with or duplicate what is on other pages. You can also save the time you would have otherwise spent writing and revising the large amount of copy that each page requires. Along with SEO services, you can have a site that is more easily found within search engine rankings. Finally, your words will direct visitors to action.