Content Marketing

Content Marketing ImageAtlanta-based Augmental helps your business attract, convert, and retain its audience by creating and sharing valuable information.

Why Companies Love Content Marketing

Buyers go through about 57% of the purchasing process before talking to sales.

Corporate Executive Board

Inbound marketing can produce a higher quantity of leads than outbound marketing (study shows 34% versus 22%).


Content marketing can cost 31% less than paid search.


Is Your Company’s Content Marketing Strategic?

Augmental can plan and create a variety of content for your business, including:

Strategy guides every step. You won’t see fluff pieces or overly technical copy that only internal audiences will read. The content Augmental produces is goal-oriented, engaging, and audience-focused, connecting with the right individuals in a meaningful way and guiding them in the right direction for your company.

Content Marketing for Your Business

Augmental’s process starts with a content marketing strategy document. The document it produces defines:

  • The audiences to target.
  • The needs this audience has and the information it seeks.
  • Tactics, platforms, and timing for reaching the audience through content.

To create this strategy, Augmental may use several different approaches, including internal interviews, discussions with your company’s current customers, industry and competitive research, and a review of current popular content. It may also conduct on-site discussions with businesses if they are Atlanta-based.

The recommendations of the content marketing strategy can be based on your company’s budget, so you’ll know that the final plan is a fit for your needs. Once you approve the document, Augmental will pursue the strategy.

What Your Content Marketing Might Look Like

Each content marketing plan is unique to the individual client. Most include a content marketing calendar, which Augmental can produce and which details the “who, what, when, and where” of the content to be created and distributed.

Projects can be as small or as comprehensive as necessary for reaching your audience effectively. Examples include:

  1. Website writing for weekly blog posts; search engine optimization to help posts be found online; and e-mail marketing campaigns that promote these posts.
  2. A series of one-minute product videos (working with the client’s in-house team or a third-party editor); posts promoting these videos that the company can share through its social media.
  3. Quarterly e-books on topics of interest to the audience; email marketing campaigns to promote the e-books; and a content “gate,” which allows access to the e-book only after readers provide their contact information, helping to generate leads.

Choose Augmental to help your business become a thought leader and grow its audience in an authentic and organic way.