Atlanta SEO | Search Engine Optimization by Augmental


Having great content for your website is only the beginning. You want your audience to be able to find you online, whether you’re a global company or a one-room office in Atlanta. SEO can help.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is part of Augmental’s content marketing services. It’s an ongoing process that gives your website a better ranking in search engine results. The next time you conduct a search online for products or services, think about the way in which you choose the links you click. Sites ranked on the first page of results and in higher positions tend to get more attention from users. This is one of the typical goals of an Atlanta SEO company.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

  • Save marketing dollars. When your site is properly optimized, your audience can find you more easily, and you can reduce your spend on other forms of promotion.
  • Gain authority. Being ranked well in search engines tells your audience that others believe your products or services are popular and should be considered.
  • Stack up better against competitors. When your rib house isn’t ranked for a term like “best barbecue atlanta”, SEO can improve your image.

Working Together

Augmental is an Atlanta SEO company serving both the local area and clients nationwide. Its typical process is to…

  1. Learn about your product or service. Augmental’s owner, Kevin Preis, will meet with you by telephone or in person here in Atlanta. SEO requires an understanding of your offerings, your business goals, and the types of searches that might lead to your site.
  2. Identify essential keywords to attract your audience. Kevin uses specialized tools to find the phrases that are highest in traffic, most attainable for ranking, and best fitting your content.
  3. Integrate keywords within your website’s content. Kevin will work with your website management team to write new copy or revise your old content. The goal is to utilize keywords in a way that attracts the attention of the search engines. Kevin addresses body content, meta tags, alt tags, and file name structure.

Continuing Services

As an Atlanta SEO, Augmental knows that once the groundwork is laid with on-site optimization, some important steps have to take place to make the most of that benefit. Augmental will:

  • Set up an analytics tool to track your site’s performance. Ongoing optimization allows your site to maintain or improve its rankings, to identify new keyword opportunities, and to keep your content up-to-date.
  • Manage a link-building campaign. Much of search engine optimization is based on the websites that link to your site (not just the content that is on your own site.) Kevin will work with your web and marketing team to determine a strategy for earning links on third-party sites that will help your own site gain both ranking and traffic.
  • Build up a social media presence. Social signals, such as links from Facebook and Twitter, are becoming a more important factor in the ranking of content online. Augmental teams with your company to establish a plan for growing this presence in a way that helps optimize your site.

To learn more, contact Augmental, your Atlanta SEO provider.