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NuWhirl Infusion Brochure

NuWhirl | Infusion Brochure

NuWhirl Systems Corp. is a leading supplier of high-quality whirlpool bath components and pumps to manufacturers and to the custom marble and granite bath industry. Its Infusion system pressurizes water with oxygen-rich microbubbles that moisturize, restore, and exfoliate skin.

NuWhirl chose Augmental and creative partner Thom Meredith Design to produce a brochure promoting Infusion to the consumer audience. Thom Meredith Design is a multidisciplinary firm specializing in print, digital, branded spaces, and signage.

The challenge of the project was establishing effective messaging for a B2C sell, as much of NuWhirl’s marketing emphasis had been business-to-business. Augmental conducted client interviews and researched existing promotional materials, and then outlined a strategic approach to targeting the consumer audience.

Based on this approach, Augmental wrote the copy for the brochure and coordinated with Thom Meredith Design to implement the content into the final layout. The result is a marketing piece that is much more focused on the needs of the consumer: speaking in an informal but professional manner, combining emotional and logical appeals, and using storytelling to illustrate benefits.

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