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Go See Campus is the free website that helps students and parents plan campus visits and make the most of the college search. The website’s College Trip Planner lets you search for colleges, create a schedule for your visits, and connect to school resources and activities, like campus tours, information sessions, school maps, and parking details. The result: a complete college trip plan you can take on the road.

As a start-up in a competitive educational market, Go See Campus could not rely on mass media buying and advertising to grow its user base. Augmental defined Go See Campus’ target audiences and developed a content marketing plan to reach high school students, parents, high school counselors, and educational consultants, among other groups.

Augmental’s work included creating a content marketing calendar and content distribution plan; writing and designing on-site content; producing and launching off-site content via social media and email marketing; and developing content partnerships to reach an even wider audience. Learn more about different aspects of the campaign below:

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