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Capitol Media Solutions and AdBoom Advertising | Content Marketing

Capitol Media Solutions, which was twice ranked among INC. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies, hired Augmental for ongoing content marketing services. The company’s objectives were to increase its visibility, client base, and revenue as well as that of its ad sales division, AdBoom Advertising.

To date, Augmental has:

  • Rewritten and recommended architecture for the Capitol Media Solutions and AdBoom Advertising websites.
  • Provided content creation and content marketing training to the company’s staff.
  • Recommended new metrics for tying online activity and business goals.
  • Conducted research with employees and clients to develop a content marketing strategy.
  • Established a content production calendar in coordination with staff.
  • Managed the editorial review process for content and created blog posts, social media posts, and email marketing content.
  • Reported on search engine optimization, made recommendations for improvement, and implemented changes.

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