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Atlanta Writer Kevin Preis imageThanks for stopping by. My name’s Kevin Preis. I’m an Atlanta writer with fancy degrees from Georgetown, Harvard, and Tulane. I own and operate Augmental, a content development company.

Professionally, I spend a lot of time helping clients with their writing needs, both here in Atlanta and throughout the country. Also, I stay busy managing entrepreneurial pursuits; in the past few years, I’ve:


For details of my background before starting Augmental, please see my LinkedIn profile. In brief, I’ve worked at big companies, start-ups, ad agencies, and colleges. My homes have included New Orleans, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta. “Writer” has been only one of my titles; I’ve also gained experience in marketing and strategy.

My Life

Atlanta is a terrific home. As a writer, I’m excited to work with local companies and to support burgeoning entrepreneurships. In addition to my address in Georgia, I’m a New Orleanian wherever I live. If you want to talk Saints football, Rebirth Brass Band, and fried chicken on Mardi Gras morning, I’m always game.

When I’m not writing content or meeting with clients…

…I enjoy reading books and writing fiction. I’ve published some short stories and am working on a novel.
…I spend time with my wonderful wife, an Atlanta veterinarian, and our dog, a nervous terrier.
….I play video games, basketball, and poker. I’m only good at the first of the three.

You can check out the Augmental blog for my opinions on professional topics, such as content marketing, seo, and technology. Since this is my place, you’ll also get my thoughts on New Orleans, Atlanta, writer stuff, movies, comics, and games.

Why do I allow these worlds to collide? Well, I think that people like you want someone who can go beyond a bland boardroom voice and write in a way that conveys both professionalism and personality. Now, you know me. Give me a call. I’d like to get to know you.