Is your web design agency doing work you love?

Are you diving headlong into projects, stretching yourself to make sites with “that’s so cool” features, and building a reputation as a creative team to watch…

…or are you spending too much time on copy instead of launching and earning, disappointing clients and yourself with sites you know could have been SO MUCH BETTER?

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You’re thiiiiis close to winning a project.

Then, the client asks, “You’ll write all the copy, right?”


Now, you’re stuck in a no-win situation.

Maybe you say, “Yeah, we can do it, but most of our clients write their own copy.”

You’re hoping the would-be client will handle the writing. You really, really don’t want to be wasting hours on content.

Then again, maybe you say, “No, we don’t write copy for clients. Sorry.”

In which case, a super-busy company may second-guess the decision to hand you the project.

It’s not a matter of “if.” Prospects will ask about content, and you will need an answer.

We’ve seen a real impact on our bottom line thanks to Augmental’s work.

“Kevin’s writing is clear, targeted, and engaging, and he brings a studied and consultative approach to everything we do together.”

Jay Buckalew

“The revenue generated is well over $500,000, a return many times what we’ve invested.”

“Augmental has raised our game and given us the visibility needed to drive leads to our site and convert them into paying clients. The results have been exceptional.”

Tricia Dempsey
Founder, Agile

Let’s say the client handles the content.

It might be months before you finish the project.

You check your calendar. You glance at your email. You call but don’t leave a message.

It’s still not ready: the content that your client said it would write all on its lonesome.


At best, you’ve completed your designs and been paid for your work. However, the site’s not done because the client:

  • Miscalculated how much of a challenge the writing would be.
  • Has to get buy-in from higher-ups on every hyphen and semicolon.
  • Just got slammed with twenty other priorities.

Websites get delayed for all of these reasons. In the meantime, you can’t show off the finished product in your agency’s portfolio.

You’re stuck with revisions if the content is written incorrectly.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful and thoughtful your designs are if the client doesn’t write content to fit your layout.

Even professional web writers have to coordinate carefully with the design team so that copy flows elegantly where it belongs.

You don’t want to get two paragraphs where there should be one sentence.

You don’t want a huge column of unbroken text on a page meant to highlight images.

You don’t want to be missing big pieces of copy.

That’s when clients ask for revisions so that your designs fit their content: designs you thought were locked.

The worst-case scenario is that you get paid late, and your agency gets overbooked.

If the content is in your client’s hands, and if you only get paid after the website launches…

…you can’t get your money, even if you’ve finished 90% of your work.

Often, a client will disappear for months and return when the content is finally complete, ready for launch. By then, you’ve already booked another project.

It happens all the time.

Now, you’re juggling multiple assignments, trying to finish off a project you could have been paid for months before.

The worst-case scenario is that you get paid late, and your agency gets overbooked.

If the content is in your client’s hands, and if you only get paid after the website launches…

…you can’t get your money, even if you’ve finished 90% of your work.

Often, a client will disappear for months and return when the content is finally complete, ready for launch. By then, you’ve already booked another project.

It happens all the time.

Now, you’re juggling multiple assignments, trying to finish off a project you could have been paid for months before.

“Kevin analyzes situations, offers specific and actionable solutions, and writes effective and strategic copy.”

“One of the reasons that the relationship has been so successful is that Kevin takes a proactive approach. He understands how to work with our internal team and designer, and it makes for a seamless process.”

JT Hroncich
Managing Director,
Capitol Media Solutions

“Kevin took a strategic approach to defining our content needs, communicated with us throughout the project, and delivered everything on time.”

“This was a large project with a short deadline, and the website was being launched to serve the entire State of Louisiana, which meant that it was also going to be very public … We’re very pleased with the results.

Lucas Tramontozzi
Program Manager, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals

Okay. Let’s say your agency will handle content and SEO, even though you’d rather be doing something else with your time.

Listen. You’re great just the way you are.

When you’re a designer, you want to design.

When you’re an owner, you want to grow.

When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way.

You don’t need to be everything to everybody.

Think about whether you really want your agency to be writing for websites.

Are clients requesting many rounds of revisions or giving you a hard time about copy?

Is it slowing down your ability to complete work and get paid?

Could you produce sites of a higher quality by focusing on design and development?

Also, consider whether you want to be in the search engine optimization business.

It’s a hard position. Agencies want to focus on what they do best, but clients will make SEO an essential part of their project, and so designers and developers may feel pressure to “do SEO”.

In some cases, this means that they’ll take keywords supplied by a client, insert them into meta tags and copy, and call it “done.”

A few months later, the client will complain about the fact that the site is nearly invisible in rankings.

It would be nice if you could just say, “Yes, we work with a partner that helps clients with the SEO part.”

You’d win the business you want. They’d get the service they need.

For all these reasons,

say hello to Kevin Preis and

Website Copywriting Services from Augmental

Completely free to you as a web designer

If you’re ready to eliminate problems with completing copy . . .

If you’re ready to do better by your clients . . .

If you’re ready to do more of the work you love . . .

let’s partner up.

Augmental, the content creation company, supports businesses with exceptional writing.

The company’s been collaborating with design and development agencies like yours for more than 10 years. Just refer your clients to Augmental, and Augmental will do the same for you.

It’s an absolutely free way for you to build great sites faster.

Having Your Client Work with a Content Specialist Makes Everything Easier

It goes like this.

Client: “You’ll write all the copy, right?”
You: “Our content partner can take care of it all for you.”


Client: “We think we can write it in-house. It may take a while, though.”
You: “Have a professional writer do it, and we can probably launch more quickly.”


Client: “We really want to show up in Google. Can you SEO us?”
You: “We work with an SEO partner. Let us make the introduction.”

In every case, you’re giving your client the support it needs and freeing yourself to do what you want.

Augmental Will Refer Work to Your Agency. You’ll Refer Work to Augmental. There’s No Paperwork and No Commitment.

All of Augmental’s agreements are directly with your client.

You don’t need to sign anything. You don’t have to handle Augmental’s payments. You don’t need to communicate between Augmental and the client. You won’t subcontract in any way.

We’d just be two specialists, both providing services to the client and coordinating with one another.

“We are very happy with the results Augmental has helped us achieve.”

By working with Augmental, we’ve been able to make better connections with the employers and job seekers who need our solutions. It identified our points of differentiation, wrote copy that showcased our work, and developed a brand name for our corporate giving program.

Ray Stack
Dir. of Recruiting, Visionaire Partners

“The writing that Augmental provided effectively defined our approach and clarified our difference, and we see it helping connect us with our audiences.”

“Augmental guided us through the process of planning our new website’s content and crystallized our marketing message as a purpose-driven investment business.”

Daniel Alexander
Managing Director, Real Estate Asset Partners

Questions You Probably Want to Ask

Seriously, do I have to sign anything or pay anything?

No. Let’s keep it casual. Augmental will work directly with your client. You’ll work directly with your client. We’ll coordinate our efforts. It’ll be great.

My clients will want to know how much you charge. Do you have a minimum budget?


When should my client get in touch with you? Should we wait until after the site is built?

Ideally, Augmental will be part of the project from the beginning, especially if search engine optimization is involved.

Waiting until the site is already designed and architected to introduce copy may limit what we can do or may result in redesigns. However, if it’s necessary, we can get it done!

You probably have other questions, but the most important one to ask is,

“Can’t we focus on what we do best?

If you want to explore new ways to build your websites, to have more time to push creative boundaries, and to focus on growing your business and taking care of your clients…

…let’s connect.

Find out what your agency could do If you only did the things you love


Instead, you're left with scary questions that hold back your business

  • How are you supposed to reconnect with leads?
  • Why aren’t prospects choosing to demo or trial?
  • What can you do to bring visitors back to your site?
  • Digital shoppers are ditching their carts. How much is it costing you?
  • Maybe you’ve spent months on prospective clients. They seemed like they were aaaaaalmost about to sign. So, why did they go with your competition?
  • People aren’t returning as customers or renewing subscriptions. What’s going wrong?

Maybe you're not sharing the right message at the right time

People aren’t always ready to buy.

That journey might take multiple visits, comparisons between options, and discussions with other stakeholders.

Or . . . people just get distracted. Or anxious about making a decision. Or hungry.

You’ve been there, right?


So, they put off the decision. And they forget about you.


Then, one day, in a fit of inspiration, they decide that they’re ready to buy.

It just may not be from you.

Because they didn’t remember your company. Or their needs changed.

Or they were presented an offer from a competitor, and it was right in front of them when they needed it.

You're ready to connect at the right moment

You're ready for email sequences

email sequence flow

An email sequence is a series of emails.

Each brings your audience closer to your goal — whether you want to increase leads, engage site visitors, or retain customers.

Email sequences are triggered by action.

Someone signs up for your free tools. Or abandons an online shopping cart. Or takes some other step.

Your company sends an automated but highly tailored email. 

Because each email is tied to the action, you take that person from momentary interest to the next stage in your sales process.

email sequence flow

So, which option will help you send effective email sequences?

The campaigns you’re writing in-house aren’t making the impact you need

Maybe you already have email sequences for your contact form or shopping cart.

Or you’ve been keeping it simple: sending occasional email updates to your entire subscriber list.

But you’re not getting the results you want: leads, prospects, sales, and repeat business.

And your team doesn’t have the time or specialization to research and write conversion-focused email sequences.

A creative agency is overkill for your company’s needs

You want email copywriting services and marketing expertise.

But you don’t need the extras that often come with an agency: client managers, project managers, brand strategists, and graphic designers.

Your ideal solution is someone who combines these skills. And collaborates with your designer. And manages your projects in a professional, reliable way.


A freelance email copywriter is the best fit for your business


But it’s so hard to find someone who:

  • Asks essential questions to develop effective strategy.
  • Writes better than you can do on your own.
  • Specializes in conversion writing — not just monthly email newsletters.
  • Knows the sequence triggers that will help you reach your goals.
  • Can lead the project so you don’t spend all your time managing their work.
  • Communicates and delivers as expected. (Meaning, you don’t have to stress.)
  • Provides clear pricing that lets you budget appropriately.
  • Coordinates with your design team so that copy flows beautifully into layout.

You don’t have time for the wrong fit

It’s got to be an email copywriter with a proven track record. Someone who cares about the work. Someone personally invested in your success.

You need Unforgettable Email Sequences because you want help

Getting more leads

Setting trials and demos

Winning back visitors

Retaining customers

Converting late-stage prospects

Connecting with cart abandoners

Following a methodology I've established over more than a decade in the profession,

here's how a typical project works


We’ll talk about your goals and the audiences you’re targeting. That way, we can identify the obstacles and take advantage of the opportunities.


I’ll review your existing email campaigns and the landing pages associated with them. Also, I’ll explore the needs of your audience. We want to write campaigns that seem to read the mind of your customer.


We’ll establish the number and type of email campaigns. The triggers that send them. And the offers for your audience. Maybe your e-commerce business wants to bring people back to their shopping carts. Or your B2B services company needs help attracting leads. The right email strategy can do it.


You’ll receive professionally written copy in Microsoft Word format. I’ll also create subject lines for each campaign, focusing on the recipient’s stage of awareness. The writing will avoid corporate blandness to help you stand out from the standard and to develop a relationship with your audience.


I’ll typically include layout and design recommendations in the copy document. Clients like my approach because it lets them visualize their campaigns. Designers LOVE my approach because it takes away the guesswork. That makes the process of creating campaigns easier and faster.


The email campaigns I write will include two rounds of revision. That way, you can request changes if needed. Revisions should be minimal, as demonstrated by client experiences over a decade-plus in business. I guarantee that I will personally double-check and spellcheck the copy I send. Don’t waste time fixing grammar and syntax.


A lead magnet to encourage website visitors to share their email address? A landing page so people who click your emails actually convert? We can talk about that and more as part of your project.


"Do you handle email design, too?"

No . . . but I can recommend some fantastic designers and design teams with whom I’ve worked.

As part of a typical project, I give you everything you need to complete design more easily and effectively. This includes:

  • Conversion-oriented email copy
  • Breakthrough subject lines
  • Design strategy

From there, you or your designer can implement the copy using the email marketing platform of your choice. Solutions like MailChimp include automation and click triggers, which allow you to take full advantage of the sequencing strategy we develop.


Why Unforgettable Email Sequences?

Because you know what you'll be getting

Trust your project to someone who has extensive experience, intensive training, and a proven record

Because you want both a writer and a project leader

Don’t lose time coordinating everyone’s work.

Or trying to figure out sequencing strategy.

Or shifting copy around to fit an email’s layout.

Just get everything you need for copy — from one provider.

Because you can expect professionalism from a professional

To begin your email sequences project

  1. You’ll provide some basic information to me.
  2. We’ll have a brief 20-minute call. I’ll learn about your company and your goals.
  3. Together, we’ll establish what you need to start converting those goals with email sequences.
  4. If it seems like a fit, I’ll send a detailed review of what I’ll do for you.
  • We’ll get started from there. And you’ll get the email campaigns you need.

XC Consulting: Website


XC Consulting


Website Copywriting, Architecture


“Working with Kevin and Augmental was a cathartic experience.”

“Together, we refined my company’s purpose, points of differentiation, and audience. I’ve been amazed at how well he captured what my company does.”

Xavier Chang


XC Consulting

XC Consulting works with business leaders to define and improve their company’s processes. The consultancy approached Augmental for help engaging and converting more of the prospective clients who visit its website.

To achieve this objective, Augmental:

Performed research and client interviews. This analysis allowed Augmental to identify areas for improving the site.

Worked in partnership with D.Hill Design to recommended changes to the site’s structure, user experience, and messaging. This included simplifying navigation to encourage conversion.

Used a problem-agitation-solution approach to rewrite the homepage. Augmental re-centered the content to make the website visitor the “hero” of the story.

Re-wrote the “Services” webpage and other site pages to clarify what clients can expect and to demonstrate the value of the consultancy’s offerings.

Wrote new case studies to add authority and trustworthiness to the consultancy.

I can help your company with a project like this.


For Web Designers


I can help your company with a project like this.

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