Finally have customers believe in your company as much as you do. Partner with a professional copywriter.

Connect with your audience in a meaningful way. The words you need are there — just under the surface. Let’s unleash them, and let’s get people believing in and buying from you.

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Meet Kevin Preis, Owner of Augmental

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For marketing leaders who want better writing. Better strategy. And a better experience.

“Working with Kevin and Augmental was a cathartic experience.”

“Together, we refined my company’s purpose, points of differentiation, and audience. I’ve been amazed at how well he captured what my company does.”

Xavier Chang
Principal, XC Consulting

“The revenue generated is well over $500,000, a return many times what we’ve invested.”

“Augmental has raised our game and given us the visibility needed to drive leads to our site and convert them into paying clients. The results have been exceptional.”

Tricia Dempsey
Founder, Agile

“Kevin analyzes situations, offers specific and actionable solutions, and writes effective and strategic copy.”

“One of the reasons that the relationship has been so successful is that Kevin takes a proactive approach. He understands how to work with our internal team and designer, and it makes for a seamless process.”

JT Hroncich
Managing Director,
Capitol Media Solutions

Over a dozen successful product launches, generating millions in revenue.

“The email campaigns Kevin has produced have made a big difference. He’s identified competitive advantages our company has always had but hasn’t always highlighted. Then, he’s written emails in a way that gets beyond features and benefits.

James Runnion
President, NuWhirl Systems Corp

Copywriting services that define your value, draw more prospects, and drive new sales

You’ve had enough of “woefully adequate” writing. Because you know that your work is worth more. And the words to show that true value are there — just under the surface.

If only you could reach them.

I help you free that captive value. With copy that finally lives up to who you are and what you do.

Here's how.


Leads into prospects. Prospects into sales. Sales into loyal customers.


Get website copy that guides visitors to conversion. My writing process includes company and audience research. That way, your site’s messaging is more like mind-reading. I lead each phase of the project so you can get the results you need — without losing hours managing the work.



Reach customers and prospects at the moment of greatest opportunity


“Unforgettable Email Sequences” focus on increasing leads, demos, sales, and repeat visits. This series of messages helps connect you with recipients when they’re ready to act. I conduct the research, and then I write conversion-oriented email copy and breakthrough subject lines. Because you want to stand out in the inbox.



Create compelling virtual experiences.
For real.


You have an idea. For virtual reality. For augmented reality. For an interactive game. Create that experience with professionally written narrative concepts, storylines, and scripts. Get assets that elevate your idea and save time. And partner with the only writer who has screenwriting training, a Master’s from Harvard’s TIE program, and a Nintendo World Champion semi-finalist title.



Content. SEO. Video. Design. Development.​

Content helps build your company’s authority and trustworthiness. SEO increases the visibility of your website in search results. And video, design, and development connect you to your audience in an authentic way. Along with copywriting services, these offerings provide the information your audience needs and the timely resources it won’t find elsewhere.  

End the frustration of trying to explain your company's value. And wondering why you're not converting.

You’re a marketing leader who believes in the power of effective writing. And you’ve had to live too long with copy that’s more “placeholder” than persuasive.

So, you’re frustrated. Because you’re proud of your work. And you know that there’s something crucial the company should be saying to help customers convert.

But the words are juuuuust out of reach.

So do what they did. Do it better.

“We are very happy with the results Augmental has helped us achieve.”

By working with Augmental, we’ve been able to make better connections with the employers and job seekers who need our solutions. It identified our points of differentiation, wrote copy that showcased our work, and developed a brand name for our corporate giving program.

Ray Stack
Dir. of Recruiting, Visionaire Partners

“The writing that Augmental provided effectively defined our approach and clarified our difference, and we see it helping connect us with our audiences.”

“Augmental guided us through the process of planning our new website’s content and crystallized our marketing message as a purpose-driven investment business.”

Daniel Alexander
Managing Director, Real Estate Asset Partners

Partner with Kevin Preis, and transform elusive concepts into copy that wins customers

Finally, uncover those ideas that have been just below the surface. And connect with audiences in a meaningful way.

Using strategies I’ve developed over 10+ years in the profession, I will identify your company’s most compelling and defensible offerings.

Then, I'll turn my findings into copywriting that converts.

It’s the same results you can see in dozens of my client testimonials and work samples.

And you’ll never have to worry about reliability. As a professional copywriter, I provide guarantees for prompt communication, revisions, no-surprises upfront pricing, and quality in every engagement.

In addition to everything else, I’ll lead your project the whole way. So you don’t have to spend time supervising everything. And so you can get the exceptional outcome you want.

Make a real impact on your company's bottom line and the way people see your work from now on


XC Consulting: Website


XC Consulting


Website Copywriting, Architecture


“Working with Kevin and Augmental was a cathartic experience.”

“Together, we refined my company’s purpose, points of differentiation, and audience. I’ve been amazed at how well he captured what my company does.”

Xavier Chang


XC Consulting

XC Consulting works with business leaders to define and improve their company’s processes. The consultancy approached Augmental for help engaging and converting more of the prospective clients who visit its website.

To achieve this objective, Augmental:

Performed research and client interviews. This analysis allowed Augmental to identify areas for improving the site.

Worked in partnership with D.Hill Design to recommended changes to the site’s structure, user experience, and messaging. This included simplifying navigation to encourage conversion.

Used a problem-agitation-solution approach to rewrite the homepage. Augmental re-centered the content to make the website visitor the “hero” of the story.

Re-wrote the “Services” webpage and other site pages to clarify what clients can expect and to demonstrate the value of the consultancy’s offerings.

Wrote new case studies to add authority and trustworthiness to the consultancy.

I can help your company with a project like this.




I can help your company with a project like this.

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