Business Writer Services for Print

Business Writer for Print

Whether it’s collateral for everyday marketing work or signage for special promotional events, Augmental will write it for you.

Augmental’s Business Writer Services

You may be a start-up company exhibiting at your first major convention. You might be an established business interested in refreshing your business’ print materials. Or, you may have a major report due and want the eye of a trained business writer. Whatever your need, Augmental can:

  • Identify the business objectives of your materials.
  • Determine a “voice” that will best fit the audience you want to influence.
  • Work with your print design team to decide on an attractive layout.
  • Develop engaging content for your promotional items.

What Do You Need?

Materials that Augmental can help you create include:

  • Promotional brochures and flyers: Catch the attention of your target audience with the right combination of intriguing images and engaging copy.
  • Product catalogues: Does your business share a regular listing of products with your customer list? Have Augmental write new product descriptions and refresh existing ones to make the most of your printing costs.
  • Presentations and reports: If you have unedited content you need turned into a concise, professional product, collaborate with Augmental as a business writer.
  • Signs and banners: Get ready for your next convention season with all-new marketing materials.
  • Usage scenarios for products in design: This combines Augmental’s creative writing work and expertise as a business writer. It will develop detailed descriptions of who will use the product you are creating, how it will be used, and what the benefits are.

Augmental’s Experience

Kevin Preis’ background as a business writer covers work with both B2B and B2C companies in industries as diverse as education, health, insurance, finance, and technology. His educational achievements include:

  • A Bachelor of Arts in English from Georgetown University.
  • A Master of Education degree from Harvard University.
  • An MBA in Marketing and Management from Tulane University.

For examples of his work as a business writer, please see the Augmental portfolio.