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COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS | Sell Sheets and Press Release

COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS is a leading provider of personal cooling systems for a variety of industries, including medical, motorsports, industry, and entertainment. Its active cooling systems and garments help people manage body heat in extreme environments.

The company has chosen Augmental for several projects, including the creation of its sell sheets. Documents like the one linked here provide technical specifications and briefly describe the value of COOLSHIRT’s products. The project entailed extensive discussions with the company’s team and working in partnership with its in-house designer.

COOLSHIRT also selected Augmental to write a press release announcing its joint venture: the production of a new hazardous material suit with built-in cooling. The suit would be designed to protect health care workers from heat-related risks in treating infectious diseases. Augmental worked with key team members and met a tight schedule to produce the release in time for COOLSHIRT’s deadline.

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